The Disclaimer

Last updated: 11th April 2017

I know you are here to know me well heh? Hahahah. Well let's start!
Name given : Nurhamizah Husin (nah, just call me Miza or Mija)
Born on 4th of June 1998. Okay now you know my age now.
Live in Malaysia
Currently an engineering student and a very very lazy student.
Love Mathematics and of course love numbers! 
Love cats but I don't have one (Mom didn't allow me to pet a cat)
Blogging is my favourite even though no one would read it *sobs*
On the cloud nine if I could get 4.0 CGPA.
Dreaming of being veterina & an engineer, but what if lecturer?
I don't care what people gonna say. I just want to be happy!
Do not active in sports.
Give me a cat and I will love the cat forever
Someone please help me to overcome laziness. Please I'm begging please!